A twelve part series on the book of Genesis

Did you ever wonder who first discovered the Universe?

If there's an answer, it's in here. Because this is the book of the origin of all things. Of time and space. Of life and of death. Of jealousy, greed and murder, love, kindness and forgiving. Everything in its most primal state, as it first appeared on planet earth—and from there you can know how it exists within you.   More...


An eight week series on the Book of Numbers

Life is a journey. And that's what the Book of Numbers is all about: The many journeys of the Children of Israel in the wilderness.
Those journeys didn't just happen back then. Each journey replays itself within our own lives. In fact, you're traveling one right now.
Which one? Where is it taking you? How can you squeeze the most out of it?

To find out all that and more, join us as we explore the secrets of the weekly parsha, with the aid of classic commentaries and some modern ones, too. And discover yourself inside them.   More...

The Exodus Series

The book of Exodus - Shemot, in Hebrew - begins the story of the Israelites' forty-year journey to the Holy Land: From slavery in Egypt and miraculous escape to receiving the Torah at Sinai and the episode of the golden calf; restoring their relationship with G‑d to building the Tabernacle as a dwelling for the divine.  In ten weekly classes, the Exodus Series extracts essential lessons that will change the way you look at leadership, liberty, livelihood, law, giving and personal growth.   More...