Kapparot - Give to Needy Families Before Yom Kippur!

Festive Table - Muchnik

Help the needy before Yom Kippur...

Do Kapparot online

with Chabad at Columbia University!

Chabad will distribute your Kapparot donation to the needy.

Simply read the text here for Kapparot (inserting the words Money/Kesef and Tzedakah for hen/rooster) and then click here to send your Kapparot funds to Chabad for distribution.

Suggested Kaparot donation: $25 per family member

Click here to donate

Note: Ideally, the law is that Kapparot be performed with a chicken, which is then donated to Tzedakah. Most Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn offer Kapparot with live chickens during the days leading up to Yom Kippur.

For more on the importance and meaning of kaparot, click here.