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Chabad Student Network

Chabad Student Network is the grassroots, student-led wing of the Chabad at Columbia University. Its members are Chabad’s ambassadors and advocates on campus to their peers and the Columbia community. Chabad is at the same time their home away from home and a spring board for the Jewish programming they want to see happen and be a part of. The Blums and Chabad House staff are here to inspire, facilitate and support them.


CSN Board 2017/18


Lauren WildesLaurenWildes.jpg

Recruitment Chair/Greek Life Liaison

Barnard '18

Contact: wildeslauren@gmail.com

I am involved with Chabad because along with Chabad, I love helping other Jews find their place in this world.


Jacob AzoulayJacobAzuley.jpg

Community Service Chair

Columbia College '19

Contact: ja3066@columbia.edu

I'm involved with Chabad for many reasons, but I really enjoy the close relationships you can make with your fellow Jews. Chabad is a place where I can learn more about Judaism, make new friends who share similar interests, and have fun. It is a place I can go to to either spend holidays like Yom Kippur, or just socialize among friends in a comfortable environment. Overall, being a part of Chabad can really shape who you are and allow you to share that torch of Judaism with other Jewish students.

Tal BraudeScreen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.22.56 PM (1).png

Board Member

Columbia College '19

Contact: tb2610@columbia.edu


  Avigail Yerushalmi avigayil.jpeg 

Board Member

Barnard College '19

Contact: aey2109@barnard.edu


CSN Alumni Board


Sam (Simcha) Spencer

President 2015/16

Columbia College/JTS '16

Contact: sjs2225@columbia.edu

Hannah Seymour 

David Rosen  


Zander WoldScreen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.16.30 PM.png


School of Professional Studies '17

Contact: aw2958@columbia.edu

I am involved with Chabad to help Jews all over Columbia and make the world a better place