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Torah Learning

Torah Learning

Chabad at Columbia University  is committed to providing the highest caliber of Jewish Education as befitting the high academic standards of Columbia University.  To this end Chabad offers classes, seminars and hands-on workshops designed and led by professionals in their fields including science, religion and philosophy, Jewish ritual, mysticism, history, politics, business, journalism, and law.

Spring 2017 Schedule of Learning


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One-on-One Chevrusa Learning


Interested in learning something to give inspiration and light to your week? Chabad is continuing our amazing Chevrusa Program this semester. 

We have a number of men and woman in the NYC community and here at Chabad who are happy to learn with you about Chassidus on the Parsha (Weekly Torah Portion), Tanya, Women in Judaism, Hebrew, Talmud or a topic of your choice!  

Contact Chava at with days and times that work for you. 


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