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Yeshiva Days @ Columbia

  • Yeshiva Days @ Columbia University

    Have you ever wanted to get a taste of authentic Yeshiva experience?

    Do you wish you had more time to spend learning Torah?

    For Three Wednesday in April (4/11. 4/18 & 4/25), Chabad at Columbia University will be hosting Yeshivas HaShluchim , a post graduate smicha program.  The full-time Yeshivas HaShluchim students will be available by appointment for one-on-one traditional chavrusa learning.

    Option #1 - One-on-Chavrusa:
    Register for an available time slot.  You (or let us) choose a topic / text to learn.

    Option #2 - Independent Learning:
    Bring your own Chavrusa or come alone, and learn independently in the Yeshiva environment.

    Option #3 - Sit in on a Yeshiva Class:  
    Join an advanced level class given by the Rosh Yeshiva or a Scholar-in-Residence / guest lecturer to the Yeshiva students.

    Yeshiva Schedule:

    9am - 1pm: Morning Seder

    1pm - 2:30pm: Lunch Break

    2:30pm - 3pm: Mincha

    3pm - 4:15pm : Afternoon Seder

    4:15pm - 5:15pm: Daily Shiur

    To reserve a time -  click here

  • General Interest Form

  • Pre-Registration:
    I am interested in this amazing opportunity! Could you please follow up with me with more details and when I can schedule a time to experience Yeshiva.

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