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High Holidays

High Holidays


Celebrate the High Holidays at Chabad


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Why all the Eating, Fasting and Praying?:

The High Holidays Elucidated by Mystical Teachings

Rosh Hashana: Wed., Sept. 28th

Yom Kippur: Wed., Oct. 5th

Sukkot: Thur., Oct. 13th

Simchas Torah: Wed., Oct. 19th



Tishrei Schedule


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Please RSVP for all Services and Meals you will be attending

Rosh Hashana Reservations are  HERE 

Sunday, October 2nd

Evening Services: 6:30pm

Dinner: 7:45pm 

Monday, October 3rd

Morning Services: 10am

Lunch: 1:30pm - By Invitation (Email:

Evening Services: 

Dinner: 7:45pm

Tuesday, October 4th

Morning Services: 10pm

Lunch: 1:30 - By Invitation (Email:



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 Please RSVP for everything! 

1st Day Meals:
Sunday, Oct 16 // 7pm (services at 6pm)
Monday, Oct 17 // 8pm (services at 7pm)

Jazz in the Sukkah- 
$5 Advance Ticket- Get Yours Now!

Simchas Beis Hashuevah Road Trip: Every night of Chol Hamoed Sukkos there are wild dance parties on the streets of Crown Heights until 6am. Motzei Shabbos, we are going to head to Brooklyn to get a taste of the Simchas Beis Hashuvah fun and then have a fabrengen (Chassidic gathering) at Rabbi Drizin's house. Rabbi Drizin is teaching this month's class series! Please PM Chava if you would like to join! 

Grad Shabbos Dinner in the Sukkah

2nd Days/Simchas Torah Meals

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